Some Important Points
2010 Till Date

Presently, Indiclay is into Industrial Service, warehousing business and other affairs are managed by Mr. Sanat J. Modi and Mr. Bhupendra M. Shah.  


Over the years, Indiclay has taken many strides in innovative formulations by generating their own recipes for various products conforming to international standards specifications and WHO standards. Indiclay, has exported substantial quantities of Malathion 50% WP as per WHO standard specifications for WHO sponsored world health programmes. Indiclay is the only Indian company formulating Malathion 50% WP with low ISO Malathion content & having suspensibility 92% Min. in soft water as well as Std. Hard Water. Some of the major products offered for Agriculture through extensive dealer network in major states of India are Endosulfan, Lindane, Monocrotophos, Chlorpyrifos, Synthetic Pyrethroids, Dimethoate, Quinalphos, Malathion, Glyphosate, Acephate, COC, Mancozeb, Sulphur etc. Since Indiclay and their associates have all the adequate infrastructure for the manufacture, quality control and marketing of Pesticides Formulations, We at Indiclay are in a position to supply Speciality formulations like Concentrated Emulsion (EW), Flowables, and Custom made WPs with different toxicants eg. Cypermethrin 40% WP, Endosulfan 50% WP….etc.


M/s. INDICLAY, Pioneer in Pesticides formulation industry, established in 1964 by late Mr. J. M. Modi the doyen of Indian Pesticides Industry.

Indiclay, as a Pioneer in the industry was the first company to undertake formulation of different pesticides, which were imported till then by multinational companies. At same time had been catering to the needs of Indian farmers by making available quality broad range of Pesticides formulation at the affordable prices under their own brand name "Alltox" for Agriculture & Public Health Sector.

Late Mr. Jaswantrai M. Modi, managing partner of Indiclay a visionary, who was also associated with a few Indian basic manufacturers, with his drive and enthusiasm initiated many other small scale formulators into the field. Mr. Modi was responsible in forming Pesticides Formulators Association of India, (now PMFAI) and was its President till his demise in 1986. Mr. Modi represented the industry at various levels to the government and was responsible in implementation of Insecticides Act and Rules, registration of insecticides and generation of toxicological data, etc. Mr. Modi was also one of the Directors of Pesticides Association of India.