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We are pioneers in the manufacture of Activated Bleaching Earth and our Mumbai plant was setup in 1951. A lot of hard and costly pioneering work was thus carried on by us from mining of suitable Bentonites to sizing of the activated earth to be able to satisfy our customers and to establish ourselves. As the chemical composition of Bentonites give no indication about their efficiencies of   bleaching after acid activation, so huge amount of the work was done in there like selection of proper raw material, and each and every sample was actually painstakingly processed for its best activation and laboratory test carried out for each to find out its activity and efficiency of bleaching various pigments found in different vegetable oils.

Although India abounds in Bentonities and several parts of our country supplies various raw grades of raw materials suitable for various applications but we found that the properties of  materials suitable for various application raw clay and its mining is of great significance. The deeper strata Bentonities although more difficult and expensive to mine- yield superior Activated Bleaching Earths of uniform quality. Moreover each operation during the activation process has to be efficiently controlled and standardised with lot of trial and error and all this took us year of hard time and money consuming We are now well established in this business and the various GRADES of Activated Fuller's Earth that we produce are being marketed all over India and we have a sizeable export for the last several years.

To cope up with our customer demand-which include so many top vanaspati manufacturing and oils refining concerns .We manufacture various grades of Activated Bleaching Earth suitable for bleaching Vegetable Oils , Mineral Oils, Refining Of Lubricating Oils etc.

Each of the above earth has been found most economical and effective for particular application and are always of uniform good quality giving utmost economy and efficiency by use as such or as mixture with good filtration rates and low oil occlusion.