We have a full-fledged R & D and Q. C. Laboratory to ensure consistent delivery
of latest, quality formulations.
Stringent quality control is maintained at each stage of formulation right from
of Technical inputs to different Ingredients required for each  formulation.
Research and Development activities are being carried on not only to develop
specific customised formulations but also to develop the inputs required to improve
the effectiveness & stability of our formulations when used under different conditions
The in-house developed inputs are manufactured through our associate concerns,
thereby helping us achieve the objective of Total Quality Control at each stage of
It is only because of our continuos R & D that we are the only formulator in India
offering Malathion 50% WP with guaranteed high suspensibility and low
Iso-Malathion content and one of the very few Indian companies offering EW
Formulations, Endosulfan 50% WP, ULVs and tailor made products meeting
international specifications.


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